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Bag Limit and a Possession Limit?

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Question: Can you please clarify the difference between a bag limit and a possession limit? Is the possession limit always double the bag limit? (Anonymous) Answer: California Fish and Game Code, section 18 describes “bag limit” as the maximum limit, in number or amount, of birds, mammals, fish, reptiles or amphibians that may lawfully be taken by any one person during… Continue reading

NRVP – SAN BERNARDINO MOUNTAINS: Threatened fish may get new breeding grounds

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By JANET ZIMMERMAN / STAFF WRITER Santa Ana sucker The once-plentiful bottom feeder is now limited to a small stretch of its namesake river. Efforts are underway to boost populations of the fish. DESCRIPTION: Adult Santa Ana suckers average 3 inches in length. They have dark gray, blotchy backs with silvery-white undersides. Their large lips… Continue reading

NRVP – Inland Empire water district trying to save an endangered fish

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 By Jim Steinberg, The Sun Brett Mills, left, and Tawny Hoemke, center, both of Southwest Resource Management Association, and Heather Dyer, water resources project manager for San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, look to remove non-native predators that are threatening the Santa Ana sucker fish in the Rialto Channel portion of the Santa Ana River.… Continue reading