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CONSERVATION REPORT on Mammoth Creek – Pasadena Casting Club

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John Tobin, Conservation Chair   If you’re looking for a way to lose a couple of pounds and tone up your reaction time while catching a bucketful of fish, volunteer for an electroshocking fish survey at the next opportunity. That’s what I did in late September when Mark Drew, Ph.D., CalTrout’s Eastern Sierra Watershed program director put… Continue reading

You Can Help Protect Our State Fish

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Would You Like To Help? The Golden Trout Project is a collaborative effort to protect and restore the California Golden Trout. It’s organized by the California Department of Fish and Game and U.S. Forest Service, with assistance from Trout Unlimited, California Trout (CalTrout), and the Federation of Flyfishers. Every summer and fall, there are a… Continue reading

Finding the Way to California Goldens

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Trout Unlimited developed maps as part of a Conservation Success Index (CSI) in order to become more strategic and effective in conservation. The maps are used to quantify conservation status of all native coldwater fishes allowing comparison of existing conditions, treats, future security, and identification of management opportunities across watersheds, river basins, and entire species.… Continue reading

Why the California Golden Trout Had To Be On My List

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Written by R. (Rudy) Nicolas Brown, Web Founder   Before I knew anything about the California Heritage Trout Program, I caught a Lahontan Cuttroat Trout from Heehan Lake. Only after reading about Lahontans did I learned of their heritage and relevance to indigenous trout of our state. There is another trout with even more significance,… Continue reading