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Apple Valley, HI – Desert Flyfishers, (Nov. 2013)


HDFF is a group of men, women and children located in the High Desert of Southern California near Apply Valley. The Club is dedicated to all aspects of the sport of fly fishing starting with the basics up to the more advanced levels. Many of our members are brand new to the sport while other members have quite a bit of experience they would be happy to share with you. Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings which are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.


HDFF has worked and continues to work with local and regional organizations reaching out to at risk youth and to anyone who may benefit from fly fishing including our veterans through our relationship with the Healing Waters organization.


Every year we offer classes in casting, rod building and fly tying.  These classes are free to the public except for a modest cost for materials. Non-members are also welcome to attend our monthly meetings and enjoy the variety of speakers who enthusiastically share their knowledge and their experience.


Bakersfield, Kern River Fly Fishers, (Nov. 2013)


A resource for Bakersfield Fly Fishing, the Kern River Fly Fishers are avid men and women who promote fly fishing and improving fish habitat on waters including the Kern River, Little Kern River, South Fork Kern River, Lake Isabella, Golden Trout Wilderness, Hart Lake, and Lake Ming in Southern California.


The Kern River Fly Fishers club currently consists about 100 men and women.  The club meets the first Wednesday of every month at the Norris Road Veteran’s Hall in Bakersfield, California.  The meetings usually consists of club member fishing reports, club outing reports and a guest speaker.   Past speakers have included fly fishers and guides from the Eastern Sierra, to the Coast regions, Alaska, Montana and elsewhere including notables like Jack Dennis.  We also hear information from speakers from the California Department of Fish and Game and U.S. Forest Service talking about a range of topics from the affects on the Kern River from two recent forest fires to the progression of the New Zealand mudsnail.


The club meets the first Wednesday of every month at the Norris Road Vetran’s Hall located at 400 Norris Road, Bakersfield, California.  


Downey, Fly Fishers Downey Fly Fishers, (Nov. 2013)


To promote, improve and enjoy all phases of fly fishing.

To maintain a high standard of true sportsmanship and promote social relations among its’ members.

We, individually, endeavor to take at least one youth (beginner/no age restriction) fly fishing annually; instruct them, to the best of our ability, in the art and responsibilities that are soon to be wholly theirs.

To fraternize and cooperate with organizations whose aims and purposes preserve our waters and to promote the sport.

To provide instruction and information in fly casting, flytying, rod building and entomology. These classes and/or clinics will be open to the public with no fee.

El Monte, Arroyo Fly Fishers  (No contact info)

Fresno, Fly Fishers for Conservation (No contact info)

Golita, Pacific Coast Fly Casters (No contact info)

Hacienda Heights, San Gabriel Valley Fly Fishers (No contact info)


Long Beach, Long Beach Casting Club, 2013)

The Long Beach Casting Club, established in 1925, is a non-profit organization whose objectives are to educate the public about scientific angling; promote interest and efficiency in tournament or contest fly and plug casting; to promote fisheries conservation; and to promote social relations among its members.

Every year we offer classes in casting, rod building and fly tying. These classes are free to the public except for a modest cost for materials.  Non-members are also welcome to attend our monthly meetings and enjoy the variety of speakers who enthusiastically share their knowledge and experience.

Los Angeles, South Bay Fly Fishers, (Nov. 2013)


The South Bay Fly Fishers is a group of anglers dedicated to promoting Fly Fishing as the most enjoyable & sportsmanlike method of fishing and most consistent with the preservation and wise use of all wild fisheries. To foster these goals our club sponsors educational programs, guest speakers, fishing trips, and social gatherings.


We host regular fishing trips from Alaska to South America to New Zealand and everywhere in between. These trips are always lead by a senior member of the club who is familiar with the destination helping to assure a safe and successful trip for everyone. Some of our annual trips include Yakutat Alaska; Pyramid Lake Nevada; the Green River Utah; North Lake in the High Sierra; the Owens River California; Mammoth Lakes California; and many more.


While our club generally focuses on the art of Fly Fishing in fresh water we have also journeyed to the beaches & bays of Southern California to test our skills in salt water, and have met with great success! Several club members have even traveled to the Caribbean to fish tropical waters.


 Montrose – Salt Water FlyRodders, (Nov. 2013)

Saltwater Fly Rodders Pacific#1 was formed in 1968 and has since then been the only club on the west coast devoted solely to saltwater fly-fishing.

Many of our past and present members pioneered saltwater fly fishing on the west coast and in Mexico during the ‘50s and ‘60s when saltwater fly fishing was virtually unheard of.

The club’s membership numbers around fifty. We are from diverse backgrounds, but our main fishing interest is saltwater fly-fishing. We have plied our sport worldwide, fishing in locations such as Thailand, Australia, The Seychelles, the Pacific Islands, Baja (both in the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez. We can’t leave out mainland Mexico (the Pacific and Caribbean, Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama) and Canada.

Our members have fly-fished both inshore and off shore on most of the coastal areas of the US. We look to ply the art of saltwater fly-fishing whether inshore, off shore, or blue-water.

As a club we support a variety of educational and conservation efforts to protect our saltwater fisheries and to promote saltwater fly fishing as a sport. Our members participate in many shows, especially when they are held in the Southern California area. We conduct fly tying demonstrations, slide shows and seminars – all related to saltwater fly-fishing.


Orange County, Fly Fishers Club of Orange County,  (Nov. 2013)


Our club was founded in 1966 and has since provided our members with a venue for them to learn and improve their fly fishing experience. A place where they build new friendships and new skills. You ask how do we provide all this? Well, to start our monthly meetings offer spectacular speakers who are experts in some aspect of Fly Fishing, to our monthly club outings hosted by one of our more experience members to our fun filled casting clinics and our classes in rod building and fly tying.


We pride ourselves in that we know we offer top notch programs to all our members. We hope that you will take the time to cruise through our website and see what we have to offer to you. What, you never have fly fished before? No problem.  Come visit us at one of our monthly meeting and we will set you up with a mentor who will work with you to become an avid Fly Fisherman as we all are here. Better yet, bring the whole family. This is a great sport for the whole family.


So check out some of the programs below and see how you to can become a fly fisherman and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, pristine rivers and the glory of catching your first fish on a fly.


Pasadena, Pasadena Casting Club,  (Nov. 2013)


Pasadena Casting Club (PCC) is a group of fly fishing enthusiasts dedi­cated to fly fishing, fly casting, fly tying, and all things related to the sport. When like-minded men and women gather, fly fishing can be the catalyst for camaraderie which forms life-long friendships. A nonprofit organization founded in 1947, we have our own clubhouse and casting pool in Pasadena’s beautiful Lower Arroyo Seco Park, which is a central gathering spot for the 250+ club members. One of the oldest and finest in the country, the Club has historical significance in the sport; some members have been internationally recognized for notable contributions over the decades. We are a volunteer organization, with all tasks done by dedicated members. We especially encourage families and children to join and to participate in Club activities.


Quartz Hill, Antelope Valley Fly Rodders (No contact info)

Upland, Inland Fly Fishing Club (No contact info)


Ridgecrest, Aquabonita Flyfishers, (Nov. 2013)


Improve and increase the sport of flyfishing; Promote and work for the betterment of fishing waters; Provide assistance to club members to help them become more effective flyfishers and to promote the fellowship of the membership; Encourage and assist others to become flyfishers and true sportsmen; Encourage and advocate conservation of fishes, waters, and watershed.


Riverside, Deep Creek Flyfishers,  (Nov. 2013)

Our Purposes: To encourage angling with artificial flies; To educate its members in the art of tying flies, building rods and fly fishing; To encourage the conservation of wild trout, warm water and salt water fish populations; To encourage and assist youth to become fly fishermen and true conservationist sportsmen.


Rowland Heights, Streamborn Fly Fishing,  Nov. 2013)

The Streamborn Fly Fishing club meetings are held at Pathfinder Regional Park in Rowland Heights, CA.  The meetings begin at 7 pm and are usually completed by 9 pm.  The exception to these times are when we have fly casting practice on the lower lawn of the park when daylight savings time is in effect.  Casting practice starts at 6 pm and lasts until meeting time.  We have 4 certified fly casting instructors as members and there is usually one in attendance.  At the meetings we plan future trips, discuss past ones, tie flies sometimes, discuss the proper fishing techniques for the areas where will be fishing, discuss fly fishing equipment and generally prevaricate about our fishing experiences.  There is a wealth of knowledge available to club members as many of our members have been fly fishing for 25 years or more. 


The club takes two major trips per year.  The first is for the trout opener at the end of April and the second, called ”he Fall Classic” is in September.  Both of these trips are in the Mammoth Lakes area.  We also take smaller trips to such places as the Lower Owens river, Lake Silverwood, Bear Creek, San Gabriel River, and even to the beach to surf fish.


Our club was the first chartered club in the Southwest Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF).  This means all club members are members of the FFF as well.  Dues are $30 per year for our club and $35 per year for the FFF.


San Diego, San Diego Flyfishers, (Nov. 2013)


Welcome to our club history page.  A while back, one of the club’s longest standing members and sponsors, Bill Stroud, authored a series of articles in the club monthly, Finny Facts.  His column was called “The Way It Was”.  Here we continue with that tradition by offering anecdotes from the annuls of the San Diego Fly Fishers, some from Bill himself.


San Diego North County, Golden State Flycasters,  (Nov. 2013)


Welcome to the Golden State Flycasters. Golden State Flycasters is a nonprofit organization and fly fishing club dedicated to the preservation of fisheries and fly fishing. GSF is also the San Diego Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Chapter 920. Located in North San Diego County, California. GSF is a gathering hub for fly fishing, fly tying, fly casting instruction, renowned speakers, monthly programs and organized fly fishing trips and events. For an opportunity to network with other fly fishers, gain valuable information about fly fishing near and far and make new friends around this great sport, please consider joining GSF, San Diego’s North County fly fishing club.


GSF was formed in 2002 to serve the interests of fly fishers in north San Diego County, South Orange County, and Camp Pendleton. Golden State Flycasters was incorporated in 2002. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.


Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Fly Fishers,  (Nov. 2013)


The Santa Barbara Flyfishers is a club that is dedicated to the sport of fly fishing. This dedication comes from the strong support from its membership. We invite you to visit with us either by browsing through our web site or by coming to one of our monthly general meetings. There are a lot of activities for the whole family and fly fishing is another great way to enjoy our diverse environment here in the Santa Barbara area.

The Santa Barbara Flyfishers general meeting is held on the Tuesday before the second Thursday of every month. Check the Calendar The general meeting consists of a short business and information session, a general raffle and a guest speaker. The guest speaker usually provides a fly tying demonstration or casting lessons an hour before the meeting.


Santa Barbara, Pacific Coast Flyrodders (No contact info)


Santa Clarita, Santa Clarita Casting Club,,  (Nov. 2013)


The SCCC serves the communities of Valencia, Saugus, Newhall, Canyon County, Castaic, with its 65+ members coming from both the Santa Clarita Valley and the San Fernando Valley. We are also part of an exciting network of affiliated clubs along with the Southwest Council of the Fly Fishing Federation.  So, what does this mean for you?


Great opportunity to learn or improve your skills in this wonderful sport. Participate in fun and informative monthly meetings with hands-on demonstrations and presentations by local experts. Have access to tackle and equipment raffles, perhaps best of all . . .


Become connected to a terrific group of fly fishers who know the local waters and are always willing to talk about ‘anything fishing’ at any time!


San Fernando Valley, SIERRA PACIFIC FLYFISHERS (Nov. 2013)


The organization is dedicated to educating the public about fly fishing, conservation, and the restoration of habitat. To further this mission, the organization provides classes on fly casting, fly fishing, fly tying, fly rod building, and entomology of streams, rivers, and lakes. The classes are open to members of the organization and to the community at large, and are conducted both in the classroom and on a stream or on the water. Students are instructed on fishing techniques, stream-side etiquette, and how to leave a location in the same or better condition than originally found.

Santa Monica, Wilderness Fly Fishers,  (Nov. 2013)


Angling Water –  To work for the preservation and improvement of our fishing waters.


Regulations –  To encourage the adoption of fishing regulations that will conserve
and govern the fishing waters so that everyone may experience the kind of fishing he enjoys the most.


Education –  To promote fly fishing as a satisfying and rewarding method of angling which can be shared by all fishermen. To encourage the practice of common angling courtesies and thereby increase the fishing enjoyment of all. To enrich the general knowledge and appreciation of conservation so that all may effectively aid in the perpetuation of the sport.


Research – To encourage research which will contribute to the development of better fishing. Cooperation – To support either individually, or as a group, those organizations or agencies which have pursuits in common with the Wilderness Fly Fishers.


Thousand Oaks, Conejo Valley Fly Fishers,  (Nov. 2013)


CVFF is open to all with an interest in fly fishing, beginner or expert. Calendar year dues for individuals or a family are $50, with a one-time badge charge of $10 each. Youth (18 and under) membership is $10.


Ventura, Sespe Flyfishers,  (Nov. 2013)

The Sespe Fly Fishers had its start in 1978. The object was to form a group of dedicated fly fishers and fly tyers with a common interest in conservation, education, and fellowship. While the club emphasizes fly fishing for trout, we also occasionally focus our attention on other saltwater and freshwater species with speakers and club outings.

The Sespe Fly Fishers had its start in 1978. The object was to form a group of dedicated fly fishers and fly tyers with a common interest in conservation, education, and fellowship. While the club emphasizes fly fishing for trout, we also occasionally focus our attention on other saltwater and freshwater species with speakers and club outings.

In addition to being a member organization of the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) and the Southwest Council of the FFF, we are also supporters of California Trout, Trout Unlimited.

We have performed services for the California Department of Fish and Game, including electroshocking, survey box installations, and stream cleanup. We have introduced the art of fly fishing to schools through the Trout in the Classroom program and we sponsor public fly casting clinics. We also demonstrate fly tying techniques at fishing and boat shows.

The quality of our environment and fish habitat is threatened everywhere. The Sespe Fly Fishers support anti-pollution controls, public access to recreational waters, catch and release fishing techniques, reduced or zero limits, and stream and lake improvements.

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