Activity – Before the eggs arrive

Before eggs arrive, Man in Waders does the following with your class:

Download TU Overview: TIC Care and Tank Treatment

Overview of program:

1. Talk about fly fishing and its relationship to healthy rivers, streams, and lakes. Display fly fishing gear and talk about how it’s used.
2. Fly Fishing videos showing fly fishing in action.
3. Show TIClass/H2O Stewards introduction video using National Geographic photographs from around the world where there are water struggles.


1.  Introduction to Teams and Team Trout (Create teams that work together identified by the native trout they select).
2.  Draw Team trout for the cover of a Trout Journal (for younger groups).
3.  Paint a box to cover the tank. All age groups can benefit by drawing and painting their Trout Team native trout on a box used to cover the tank that protects the trout eggs during a three week sensitive period.

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