Heritage Trout Challenge (from CDFW, Website)

Take the challenge!

By catching six different forms of California native trout from their historic drainages and photographing these fish you can receive a colorful, personalized certificate featuring the art of renowned fish illustrator link opens in new windowJoseph Tomelleri. Your certificate will show six full-color images representing the trout you caught, along with the dates and locations. It is sized to fit in a standard 16″ x 20″ matted frame.

We welcome you to “take the Challenge,” explore new waters across the state, and appreciate the diverse recreational fishing opportunities California has to offer.

Research Resources

Part of “taking the Challenge” will include learning more about the native trout of California, where they are found, and what is being done to conserve and restore these “Heritage Trout.” The following information is offered to help you complete the Challenge:

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